Thursday, December 4, 2008

the buck stops here

I don't have time for a few days to return phone calls, but just a short financial note. Every 6 months we get variable pay, and it comes this month. It will be my last big check for awhile, and will cover both fall and winter taxes and may have to stretch as far as income tax time. I am just flat out of cash, a position I have not put myself in for years. After a new roof, new paint, new fences, new walk, new garden wall, more dirt and surely other things I have forgotten already, all the $$ in the bank I put there for those purposes are gone, gone, gone. A has changed how the commission payout works, and there won't be much of that until the end of the fiscal half. Humph. One supposes in the current financial situation it is good discipline for me to watch every dollar, but I am finding I can no longer add in my head and have to use a calculator. Humph. getting dotty, I am.

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