Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 cubic yards of dirt

Who knew it would be so much? 27 cubic feet, right? 27 trips with the wheelbarrow, right? Uh, I estimate a full 8 hours over 4 days, but it's all back there now. Well my doctor said more exercise, so there you go. I had a lot of time to think about gardens, and enjoyed the classical music. Summer of '07 we went to Austria. Every little house had a little or bigger garden. Each of them looked like something out of a Beatrice Potter illustration. Well, think about those gardens have been there for centuries and centuries. If I stayed in one place, think how fine my garden would be! Well, I now have a big flat place with a nice border, and roses along one side. I am going to put sweetpeas along the other 2 edges, at least for the winter. It is probably too late to germinate much for winter crops this year. Ummm, vegetables and roses.

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