Friday, November 7, 2008

A note on beginning the 7th decade of life

I could not imagine even a decade ago that this country would have elected an African-American to the White House in any capacity. I have been watching as the collective country rejoices and holds its head in its hands. Well, here we are, with the most articulate politician in a generation elected to head the Executive Branch. I was delighted to note he has chosen a junk-yard-dog Chief of Staff to keep the troops in line around the Oval Office. While Obama was not my original candidate of choice, I could bring myself to support him after I examined his views, especially on science and environmental issues, and because it looked like he knew how to surround himself with good people. Let's hope he can, no one can know everything, and Lord knows, he's going to need the help. God bless us all, and provide us with the best Secret Service agents $$ can buy.

The other comment on the 7th decade of life is less sanguine. I never imagined my doctor would tell me to lose weight, but that 7 lb. of fat that has larded my belly since taking this job and cutting back sharply on the exercise has elevated my blood pressure (or is it the stress that has me clenching my teeth . . . nah, not possibly). So, back on the discipline wagon, more exercise, watch the diet, drink less, sigh. Poor Glen, more brown rice. The good news is unlike the high cholesterol, this appears to be fixable, and within my choice to do so. I've still got a lot of fabric and beading to deal with, so I'd better get on with the program so I will be able to do so.

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