Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drumming up bidness in a slow economy

We have been doing meetings at Santa Clara Site since Monday, so I have been rolling along in rush hour traffic these past few days, listing to Morning Edition and trying to keep my space behind the car in front. This morning, at the awful 280/880 interchange, a white panel truck dove in the lane ahead of me (illegally as trucks are not supposed to be in lane 3), missing my front bumper by a fraction of an inch, I swear. I honked loudly and rudely and tried to remember I am not supposed to be getting my blood pressure up, then went back to listening to the radio and rolling along at 20 mph. About a mile later I inched past the white truck, now back in lane 2, and noticed in small black letters on the door, "American Casket Manufacturing Company" Well, new trucks and casket purchases are one way to stimulate a woeful economy, but please, not on my shift. @#$!@!!

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