Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Plan

Boy, there is a lot of stress out there in the blogs I follow. Let's explore how to deal with all that.

Well, here is the plan. Exercise, not that I did today. Lose weight - one cookie at the Guild meeting. Check. Read a good book, on #2. Sew or read a sewing/beading book every day. So yesterday afternoon I put in the picot French neckline on a white-dotted long-sleeve tee, and it worked just like the instructions say it should have, although the next time I make this pattern I should scoop out the neck a bit. I was suprised that the neckline stitched with a straight stitch was still stretchy - guess that is due to the picot edged elastic in the trim. It got very dark when it started raining, so I shall continue sewing up the black fabric in the daylight today.

At our guild meeting, I decided I needed more therapy, so acquired 3 skeins of linen-mohair fine yarn and a lovely pattern that can be worn as a vest or a shrug, depending how it is buttoned. Very clever. I knitted my swatch last night, and my anti-stress therapy is to knit LOOSELY on the next sized larger needles to keep to gauge.

On a sad note, I hear the Hancock's fabric stores are closing. I didn't go there much, but I need to visit one more time. Surely there will be some stress-alleviating items on a good sale.
I WILL get the blood pressure down. Less housework, more stash acquisition.

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