Monday, December 8, 2008

9 more business days to Christmas

Our company is closing for 2 weeks and I can hardly wait. I have more stuff stacked up to do than I could get done in 2 months, and I am really looking forward to not working. It's dark so early, I feel holed up inside the house. You want to hear the list? Finish digging the sidewalk by the new roses, buy sand and walk blocks, and lay it in. Get more plants in the winter garden. Knit on my thingie. Finish the jacket I started last summer with the lovely hand-woven fabric. Finish my Christmas presents and get them mailed (maybe this weekend would be good). Weeds are growing in the yard, so time to rake leaves and de-green the dirt places. Exercise, lots of it every day. I bought some retro cherries fabric for an apron - it would be nice to wear in my ranch kitchen for the days I actually cook. Clean the walks and driveway the next time it rains. And if I actually get through all that, there is MORE fabric in my project baskets (as opposed to the stash, which is to have but not actually have a plan for).

By the way, anyone have a gift suggestion for G? He must be so tired of getting clothes, which I tend to buy because he needs sprucing up once in awhile, but it ain't fun.


lei said...

There must be a monthly or quarterly magazine for vintage slot machines. He probably has a reference book about that. Let's see: I gave Kevin a gift certificate for a batch of homemade cookies each month for the following year. I think that was his favorite yet. I'll keep thinking.

elinorina said...

Hmmm, no gift ideas for G... But, I say don't worry about the massive list of "to-do" items... Now is the time to retrench, retreat, and recuperate. That's my theory!