Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Saturday

A week. I've been home a week. Reading the paper, Science, a Jeffery Deaver novel from the library. Not too much tea. Christmas was lovely, Santa was very generous, and the bamboo knitting needles a delight. We had friends and neighbors Christmas Eve and Day, the smoked game hens were divine, and all the bottles of wine excellent. I shall finish my jacket today, the green hand loomed wool is so lovely to work with.

The rains a week ago has all the weeds germinating, and it is going to be a big job to get them all cleared up. I put out the granules that are supposed to keep seeds from sprouting, but either too early or not enough, and I have a lot of work in front of me this spring. Ah, well, good exercise scrambling on the side of my hill. Took out more tomato plants, tore down the beans and planted peas and beets. I put in the new Pink Promise rose and the queen Elizabeth grandiflora, and worked on the path for the stone walk next to them. Off to find asparagus! What a luxury to work outside in just a shirt.

The old Mercedes has, I hope, belched its last clouds of blue smoke. A fine bargain for the new Fusion, $9 grand cheaper than when we looked at it in November. How prosperous the house looks, with a new roof, new walk and 2 new cars! An auspicious beginning for 2009, 2 new cars and 2 jobs. Who would guess we both feel so lucky to get a pay cut?

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