Monday, December 15, 2008

the other shoe

It was a great weekend. A friend has bought an architecturally charming 5th floor condo with city views of San Jose for a good price. Two of us helped her pack Sunday until our various muscles would lift no more, then we went out for a grand Moroccan dinner. Yum! However, bad karma clung to me in spite of spending a day being generous.

The BlackBerry refuses to communicate. Spending the day in South San Fran with no phone was like not wearing shoes. The electronic leash certainly tethers the thinking. When I finally got home to get in touch with the wider world, there it was. The company has cut our salary 10% again, probably for the rest of the fiscal year which is just underway. Better than layoffs, yes, but it will be a bit harder to be cheerful this holiday understanding that things really are as bad as they seem. Yikes.

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