Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 wrapup

having read my cousin's blog where she actually THOUGHT about what happened to her this year, and her last line What about YOU? I suppose a little retrospective is a good thing.

Well it sure was not the year of the garden. The new crimson daylily has great promise, but the irrigation systems are still in disrepair and the new slate walk to show off said daylillies is going to be at least 2 years in the making, I predict. However the paver path next to the new roses may actually get done sooner since I can do much of that work myself with a bit of engineering guidance I got yesterday. Those @#$! pavers are heavy, and getting them from the car to the back will be a project. On the other hand, the tomatoes were better than last year, and now I have 2x as much veggie garden space. We will in fact have a carrot from it in our soup tonight.

I dropped $50K on the house, including new roof, retaining wall (ouch), paint, slate porch and walk, shored up garden. And it does look fine, I shall say, if you don't look at the tile cutting station in the middle of the front lawn. Actually, don't look at the lawn at all, I'm not a grass kinda girl.

I acquired a J & P Coats wooden thread cabinet with a lovely desk-top and drawers for things. We are designing a wooden cabinet to put it on for my birthday (which birthday, exactly, remains to be seen, but I am optimistic).

Probably not too surprisingly with all that going on, my productivity in the sewing room was limited to a couple of tops, a necklace from parts and stoppers etc from work to wear to trade shows, a jacket (except for button holes) from gorgeous hand-loomed fabric, and not a whole lot else that I can remember.

Oh, and I survived my rookie year as a sales specialist near the top of my group - proud of that, I am.

What's the list for 2009?
Get the blood pressure down. Lose 10 pounds and see if it helps. Exercise. do it!
Find something easy enough I can do it for a half hour in the evening with out making mistakes - even if it is to knit a plain stockinette scarf with the new bamboo needles!
Continue to bead and knit with my friends, and teach L how to read written knitting directions.
I would say eat better and drink less, but that is a lost cause. Just lose the weight some other way.
Keep my job. Don't bait the boss. Important, that one. Good luck to us all on things to do with money.

Having publicly affirmed my good intentions, I am going to replace a zipper and clean up after myself.

What about YOU?

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LouLou! said...

It's always a challenge not to bait someone, especially when you know that you can.....I think it is part of our genetic make up.......but sometimes it's just as good to know that you could have done the zinger and didn't -