Friday, March 25, 2011

La Fred Athena blouse pattern

Maybe last Christmas, La Fred had a free pattern download offer (this is the pattern, not the download). I printed out some 30 pages and laid them aside.  Yesterday afternoon I glued and taped them all together while I watched the evening news.  Only when I cut out 3 pieces did I realize there was no sleeve.  No file, no email, no trace of the original download.  OK, I could draft a sleeve, how hard could that be?  I fussed and fiddled, and drew one 3 times, using the infinitesimally small figure on the pattern layout guide to calculate lengths and widths proportional to another piece on the diagram and its pattern piece measurement.  It still looked cattywampus, so it was time to sleep on it.  I walked past it at noon to get a cup of tea, and it caught my eye.  I realized I had just drawn a grainline from the center rather than drawing the grainline perpendicular to a line connecting the ends of the armscye.  OK, got that all fixed up once I realized my mistake, redrew it from the armscye down. Found a piece of plaid to make a sleeve muslin after I finish the bodice. Free pattern, fabric gifted from my friend, it doesn't get much better than this.

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Pam said...

I would not have the first clue how to draft an arm. Good grief, I can barley sew one on correct when a professional has drafted it! I also wanted to thank you for your kind comments about Scrappycat.