Friday, October 9, 2009

A day for remembering

It's another garage story, the kind made famous by HP here is Silicon Valley. When I was a kid in graduate school, Dr. Jennings of UC Davis founded J&W Scientific in his garage, which my company purchased some years later. He's 88 now, bent like a pretzel, and UC Davis had a colloquium yesterday to honor him. A bunch of us from work showed up, and a host of former students, to listen to the reminiscences and hear bits of science that came from his work. There are ever so many people doing science, and working for my company and another one founded with his start-up funds, all resulting from the work of Dr. Jennings. It really is tremendous, how one person can have such an impact.

So after lunch, we all trooped over to tour the Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science. Lots of corporate moneys made this big new building possible. It's really nice, wood and art in the lobbies, and 3 floors for food, wine & beer, and engineering, with big open labs, glass and natural light. Maybe one of the kids I met will be the next Dr. J.

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Pam said...

Now, that is a place I would love to tour. It sounds fascinating.