Tuesday, July 21, 2009

talking to Basel

Today was one of the interesting days at work. Five of us from A met with a customer flown over from Switzerland to give a presentation on the new instrument we recently introduced. We met at Gene*, a big local Biotech. My customer did some swell science with the demo columns I had provided, and she did the first presentation, followed by our marketing weenie, and then the gent from Basel. It was all WebEx-ed, so several sites, including the one in Switzerland, listened in. The fun part was after. I had seen the second floor research labs several times, but the guy from Basel wanted to see the production scale-up labs. This is where they have big vats, stirrers, pill pressers, microscopes, x-ray machines and other big, expensive, cool stuff that is not part of my usual world. Formulation of pills vs capsules is not usually on my mind. This is pretty dull to read, but trust me, it was an interesting day.

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leilani said...

You are right - I trust you when you say it was an interesting day.

Hope this first week back at work wasn't too difficult and hope also that Agnes continues to get stronger.