Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have been in St. Louis since Sunday. I spent Monday at the hospital, meeting, thanking, and watching Mom work. I went to Walgreen's, Wal-Mart, came home and washed clothes. I was tired this morning and hopped in the car early as I knew Mom would be bouncing with impatience until we got her home. Seven weeks it has been, by the way, 50 days, in three hospitals and two ambulances. So I headed east and drove. When I paid attention to where I was, I was on the wrong bridge. No prob, these days, turn on the Tom-Tom and chart an alternate route. So instead of driving to the Central West End of St. Louis past the Arch, ball parks and through Forest Park, I drove through Jennings. Not sure I have ever been through Jennings before, where the Dollar Store is the ritzy part of town. Take Out Bar-B-Q! Chicken Feet! Crispy Snoots! I crossed Barack Obama Drive, and was 2 blocks from Washington University, back on the other side of the tracks.

Mom was indeed waiting for me with stacks of stuff. It took a couple of hours to get her out of there, one last trip down the elevator dressed in the yellow disposable isolation gown, and then we drove through Forest Park, enjoying the sunny summer day and looking at the grass, trees, flowers and people. Sweet, just what one should do on a summer day.

She is unpacked, cats are petted, medications are untangled (3 separate lists, generic names and brand names, and no cross references - ugh, that coulda been, shoulda been done better), and pills for the week sorted into 4 medicine minders. I think is is about time for supper and the ball game on TV, don't you? It sure is nice to have Mom home again.

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leilani said...

Hoorah! for you and Mom. Tell Agnes that even though it has been a most eventful 7 weeks, she needn't do that again. It has aged all of us! Love to both of you.