Friday, October 17, 2008

Sho' 'nuff, I wore my beads today

Unfortunately it wasn't enough. I did the routine health check at work, expecting my cholesterol to be high, but loaded with HDL good stuff, and my blood glucose and blood pressure to be low. Well, 2/3. My blood pressure has ALWAYS been very low, but now it is way high. I suspect the extra drinkie-poo at 5 p.m. is not helping. Drat. Drinking is HOW I de-stress (yes, I read the warning sign screaming away). This job is killing me. Maybe half-doses of the happy pills is not enough.

On the other hand, fall is beautiful. The rain a couple of weeks ago has kept the leaves on the trees, and they are turning colors instead of drying up. It's quilt show weekend, and the quilts are exquisite with ever so much stitching. A bunch of us are wondering about the top-place wearable dress- a boned bodice is not enough for a first place finish, I'm just saying. What were the judges THINKING?! Yikes!


elinorina said...

Words fail me re: the dress from the quilt show. Or maybe I'll just limit myself to OMG!!! Really, what batch of bug juice had the judges ingested? Jeez...

LouLou! said...

Thank God you didn't make it. I saw the picture before reading your entry and thought, OHMYGOD, she's made some bizarro fairy princess ensemble and HOW do I sound positive about THAT. Thank you, OH THANK YOU, for not creating that. Where would one wear that?

I mean, I made a reproduction of 18th century stays, fully boned with 72 boning channels. Should I enter the same show as the Fairy Princess ensemble because if boning is the criteria - well - then - I would win, right??