Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's official, the greater depression is upon us

I wish I had some zen words of wisdom for the economic outlook, but not today. 'A' management did the $$ rain dance today and there was another downsizing of the paycheck. In the late .com bust, there were 10% salary cuts and layoffs here. Since then they have moved to structure the salaries so there was more incentive pay and very few raises. With lower sales, there will be lower variable pay. Then when you look at my quarter-to-date quota performance, there ain't gonna be much commission at the end of our fiscal year 10/31. Dismal. Like all of you, I have lost 40% of my wealth in the stock market in the last year (well, except maybe you J, you probably are weighted in cash now, good for you). I think I have enough cash to pay the property taxes Nov 1 without selling any devalued stock, but I think I also need to run the calculation again this weekend factoring in the shriveled commission check. My ex is certainly extremely pleased with himself for predicting all this. He so loves to be right.

So the good side is I have friends and family and cats who love me and leftovers in the fridge so I don't have to cook dinner. Oh, and the quilting show is next weekend.

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Elinorina said...

Yes, it's those little things that make us grateful for what we have. Feeling the sun on your face, and your cats purring against your legs, and a nice drink on the deck while watching the sunset... Thanks for a very uplifting piece, and sorry about your management's shenanigans with the compensation structure...