Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rain! It RAINED!

OK, officially fall in CA. It rained early, it rained nicely, it rained for the first time since early spring. The reservoirs are as low as 39% of capacity, it is supposed to be a dry winter, but for just a couple of days, the soil is moist, the leaves are clean and turning, and the air is clear. I had already picked up the outside tools. Time to put out the Preen so nothing germinates in an unseemly place. I picked more tomatoes, pulled out daylily leaves, stained part of the fence and garden wall that had not been stained, and really enjoyed the lovely, clean day today. The fall green beans are climbing nicely, the squash plants are not as mildewy as usual, so we are still getting squash, the carrots have germinated, but the beets and the chard seem not to have sprouted. I keep thinking I would like to do something on the weekend but work in the yard, but I guess only rain or cold will keep me indoors. I found some self-seeded cosmos flowering next to a tomato plant today, so life is good.

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