Tuesday, December 10, 2013

To be human is to live on a rollercoaster

My mother has died.  It was a good way to go, she evidently fell asleep and woke up dead.  I got to talk to her in the morning, evidently the last thing she did.  But the beautiful news is her two beloved cats are going to be adopted by one of the caregivers from the Lutheran village.  Kelly is 13, and a 'special needs' boy with kidney failure, but he gets to remain with Fifi for what remains of his life.  It is a beautiful outcome to a sad story.  I'm leaving today to lay my mother to rest with her George - the last thing I can do for her is to make sure she has her wedding ring on for the rest of eternity.


JSW said...

Sorry to read this post about your Mom. A couple weeks back I happened across the one you made about reading "Pride and Prejudice"...it brought back some memories for sure. My Mom, according to a nurse who was in the room, was conscious to the end, and looked up, smiled, and said "Oh look! They've all come to meet me!", and passed. I deeply believe that life goes on, both in the world and beyond it. We'll both see our parents again. Have a good Christmas!

Wearinbeads said...

thank you. you also have a good holiday. Lenore

Pam said...

I am so sorry to just be reading this. I am so behind on my blog reading.