Monday, December 30, 2013

Nine envelopes filled with memories, ready to go

I have spent several days sorting through the memories in my mother's jewelry boxes.  The ultrasonic cleaner worked well, and things sparkled on the table.   I have some things for myself, of course, but I have assembled packages for her sister, nieces, and one dear friend.  Mom was into bling, so everyone got a piece or two of costume jewelry, but I also picked out a ring, bracelet, watch or some other piece I know she treasured and would have wanted someone she loved to enjoy.   A trip to USPS is in my immediate future. 

Next question, what to do with 28 cameo pins and 10 other assorted cameo items?  Not to mention the cardboard box of jewelry I will never wear? 


Pam said...

Maybe you can make the pins into a wall display or something that you could hang? I have a few cameo pins that my aunt gave me, they are so lovely.

Wearinbeads said...

Hello Pam. I have even more rhinestones to add to my collection shown here Mom loved her bling!