Thursday, December 26, 2013

Picking up the remains of a life

We drove the MomMobile for 4 days from IL across the southwest, and then up to the bay area.  We were lucky weather-wise, and I always enjoy the grand staircase progression of cliffs where ever I cross the continental divide.  G has been such a brick, helping me move her entire home twice in a month, once to assisted living and then at the end.  Since we got home a week ago I have been dealing with stacks of stuff on my desk, closing accounts, paying bills, cleaning out a linen cupboard so I will have a place to put a few more quilts.  I have been soaking and drying a couple of them flat; some of them look OK without cleaning.  One embroidered quilt in particular had many small holes from years of kitty cats and numerous washings and looks too thin for further service.  But when your grandma makes a quilt, you mend it lovingly and put it where it can be seen when the cabinet is opened. 

It is sad to pack two lifetimes of cherished possessions and get it to fit into one car.   Now I have to figure out what to keep, what to give away, and what to try to sell.  Not like I don't already have a modest ranch house filled to the brim with stuff already.  Disposing of clothes and furniture was easy - it's the mementos lovingly stored in the cedar chest that are the hard part.  Wills from long-deceased great aunts, service medals from the armed service and corporations, the list is endless.  I'm tired, and need to get out of the house and go for a walk.

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lei said...

Catching up on my favorite blogs and your last three posts fill me with tender feelings. You have such a lovely way of saying important things. Wishing you and dear G a most fulfilling 2014!