Monday, March 12, 2012

fast forward a year later

Last spring one of the terrible cluster of tornadoes that hit Missouri hit STL, the airport a few miles from my childhood home (where a parking garage now resides)    I watched the big glass arches of the terminal go up as a kid in early elementary school. Last time I was here There was still a LOT of plywood. Now it is light and airy again with new glass. Even better are the new corridors to the gates. Gone are the low, dark suspended ceilings that were oppressively close to my head. The support struts are opened up and they and the corrugated metal roof are painted cream. A false ceiling of big pans of glowing lights give a sense of openness. What an improvement!

P.s. A clue to the nature of this blue collar city is in the news shop. One rack of paperback books, 4 racks of magazines, and tens of racks of merchandise. One suspects the literacy rate, scientific or otherwise, is less than 29 percent.

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