Thursday, April 21, 2011

This means WAR

Louie is my go-to gopher hunting cat.  He has been keeping the yard pretty clean of them.  However, one moved into my daylily bed a couple of weeks ago.    The guy at the nursery part of the new hardware store today suggested they carry castor bean pellets.  However, it really strikes me as just wrong to poison everything that moves in the dirt under my flower bed.  However I found what I hope will be a perfect solution.  Gopher, as soon as the sun comes up in the morning and charges the solar battery, you better pack your gopher duds and prepare to be moving on.  This gizzie promises to make noises you won't be able to live with.  Just watch out for the blue point Siamese on your way out.


leilani said...

Either way, Louie or the gizmo, my money is NOT on the gopher.

City Home/Country Home said...

Did the sonic stake work? We have gophers in the pasture every year. I'd like a better solution than the traps.