Friday, January 7, 2011

Part of it is finally finished

A couple of years ago, I bought myself a J & P Coats spool cabinet at the auction ( I had my eye on these as they occasionally appeared for several years, but got priced out of the bidding. Two years ago, things didn't go for as much, and I managed to pick up a bargain. It sat on a packing box for a couple of years, then one day I found some turned legs for sale. Who knew one could buy legs, aprons and all the stuff to make your own table? So a lot more money later than I thought it would cost, stuff showed up. I thought I could stain and glue and it would turn into a table. Well, the resident engineer took over the project, and the stain and oil finish is a perfect match for the old wood cabinet. The top still needs to be stained and glued etc, but as it happens, this much works well enough. Isn't it lovely?
BTW, apologies about the header to the blog. It is kind of under construction and will get put up there right as soon as I get help to figure out how.


KC said...

It's beautiful! What a great idea!

(appropriately, my word verification is "refabd"

leilani said...

This is perfect just the way it is!Good job!!!