Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a little story

My life has been hijacked when my computer hard drive died. I have to reload all my software, so while that is going on, I can tell you a funny story. The people down the street moved last weekend. He had been out of work for a year, so the street was happy for him, the two kids, the dog and the mom that he found a new contract as principal of an elementary school.

After they moved out, the for sale sign went up and there was an open house Sunday. As neighbors will do, we all went in to check out the place. Well, it was FILTHY. Nasty is not too strong an adverb. Several of us gathered in Sue's driveway to cluck over the state of the interior. Jan said that when the mom was at her house, she said she didn't cook and she didn't clean. Without batting an eye, her husband said to the deeply religious mom, "I hope you are a good screw."

I guess in this case cleanliness takes a very distant back seat to godliness.

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