Thursday, February 18, 2010

welcome (back) to the deep South

Yesterday I got to drive from Birmingham to Auburn. Not sure I have been in this part of the state before, which is atnthe western edge of the ridge-and-valley belt that extends from the Appalachians. Yep, I can tell I am back in the south because: Spanish moss is festooned from every vertical branch; the speed limit signs are only suggestions; the drinks tables have tall carboys labeled Sweet and Unsweet; the houses are made of brick; you still see teased and bouffant hairdos; men wear baseball caps to eat in nice restaurants; the valet, greeter and waiter all called me ma'am multiple times; and everyone (EVERY SINGLE ONE, I looked around carefully to be sure) in the restaurant was of Caucasian descent.

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leilani said...

This sounds as though it was an interesting trip restaurant wise. What is a carboy?

I've been to the south a number of times--Atlanta, San Antonio and Houston (do they count as the south?) and even though Florida is way south I don't think it counts as "the south", does it.

Interesting places to visit but glad I don't live there. For a lot of reasons.

You should be home by now.. I'm glad.