Friday, February 12, 2010

the girls showed up

We have a flock of male turkeys that live in the hills above the house. I shamelessly support them with cracked corn from the feed store, even though the wildlife biologists tell us that encourages the coyotes to come down from the hills. Since I haven't seen the coyotes and didn't even hear them this winter, I have discounted that and continue to feed all the birds that come to my property. The females seem to live on the other side of the hill, to the north of here. A few weeks ago a few females showed up and joined the flock. They are smaller and not as colorful. How fun it would be if there were chicks around this spring!

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leilani said...

Catching up on some blogs (my "needle finger" is getting a hole in it) and so happy but not surprised to read that your presentation got kudos. Um, I'll pass, thank you, on the offer of the articles. Wouldn't understand a word.

Also, used up my turkey feathers (you will have to wait to see the results) so please if you can, collect any new ones for me, if you can.