Monday, August 31, 2009

Now I can throw them thar pills away

About a year and a half ago, I got one of those freebie health screenings at work. I wanted the interim check on my cholesterol, which had been high for some months, to see how the statin was doing at lowering it. The nurse pulled me out into the hall and quietly told me my blood pressure was too high. Now my blood pressure had always been on the low side, and I was always smug about the complements I would get when I went to the doctors'. I stared at the piece of paper for an hour, and then went to our on-site nurse Deb and had it rechecked. Yup, high. I went to the doctors', bought the pills and a blood pressure monitor. The directions on the pill bottle is to take one when it's over 140.

I'm proud to report it is now down to normal. Not the exercise regime, which is a tad sporadic these days. Not that I lost those 10 pounds, because I haven't. Now, let me think about this. What has changed in the last few weeks? It wouldn't have any relation to trading the PHBWT in for a different boss, would it? Ya think??

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leilani said...

OMG--I sure do hope PHBWT never catches wind of this blog.

You know how happy I am for you, don't you!