Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I always knew I was a Foodie

The announcement is out, I'm now official. I have accepted an inside position in the Food Business (what a great fit, huh!). November 1 I will be leaving my sales job, taken 2 years ago in a round of musical chairs when my old job went away. Get thee gone, catalog and part numbers, I am moving back to the lab bench. At least in the beginning I'll be working with a scientist in Labs with the most gorgeous blue eyes and a most impressive resume. We will be working out methods to bring mass spectroscopy instrumentation to the labs of microbiologists - yes, the folks smearing petri dishes to culture microorganisms - for much faster, more accurate identification of microbes and fish. I'll explain how that works in a future post. For now, it's all good and I am very pleased at having been asked (out of the blue) to take the position. Well, it's all good except the "inside" part means I lose my company car. Gotta run - still doing the old job for now.

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Micki M. said...

Well, I guess we could make a small claim to you being a "cool" lab rat, like Abby on all you need are some tatoos and goth makeup. Micki