Monday, June 15, 2009

If money were no object

This weekend G and I attended the Victorian Casino Auction here in Las Vegas. Hey, this is a legitimate business trip since I worked Friday AND Monday, and it is MY territory. We just happened to be here over the weekend, and just happened to be at the auction by 8:30 Saturday morning. What?? I won't say what we bought, just that Glen the amazing car packer managed to get all of it, and me too, in the car for the trip back.

So, while I was there, I got a few little things for my dear friends. Here they are, except for you, Claire, since antiques are not your schtick.

Jackie, we know you are working on your interior of the new condo. I picked out a lamp just for you, since we all know how tacky the existing dining room lamp is (sorry it is so blurry, it is the Budweiser Clydesdales if you can't tell) :

Then for Linda and Jim, the most expensive antique of the day, a $25,000 juke box of which there are only 5 - it's not even a stand-alone box, but a "remote" unit that sends selections to the main juke box to be played. Only the best for my music loving friends. Sweet, isn't it?

And for Elinora, who has a recently redone kitchen AND a coffee habit, a beautiful, restored, free-standing coffee grinder. a real beauty if I do say so myself

Then for G, the one that got away, a real steal, a signed Frank Polk original for only $9K. Look at that face!

So that Leilani has a place to store her yarn and hats, a set of 3 hatboxes:

And for my cousin's weekend entertainment, here you go.

The lane, and 3 slat-chairs and tables were also for auction, so heck we can throw those in as well.


lei said...

You are just too too thoughtful! The others might have been gag "gifts" but I would love those hat boxes!

Anxious to hear about all the goodies.

Dojo said...

An actual bowling lane was on auction? Fabulous! I have got to get to Vegas since we certainly don't have anything like that around here.

Ditto on the hatboxes. I satisfy myself with round woooden cheese boxes which, if I'm lucky, I find around here.