Monday, May 4, 2009

The Wardrobe Malfunction

G managed to get some cheap tix for the Celtic Woman show in the San Jose Civic Auditorium for Sunday night. We took advantage to go out for dinner at Il Fornaio, where G loves the risotto and I love everything else. We then walked down the block to the Auditorium, stood in long lines for will call tix and made it to our seats in the nosebleeds. Since many seats were still empty, I went to the ladies room. Now the steps in the balcony are concrete, steep, and have no hand rails. I bent over, crept down the steps by holding onto the backs of the empty seats on the other side of the aisle. I finally reached our row, crossed over to get to my seat and whoops! my silk charmeuse pants came untied and slithered down my legs. I QUICKLY sat on the step, started laughing, and began fumbling to fix my clothing. Glen was laughing, I was laughing, everyone was laughing. The poor lady right next to me kept saying 'I'm sorry" through her laughter, and I kept saying "It's funny!". Ah, no real harm done as my tunic was pretty long. Too bad I didn't think to take a bow after I stood back up! But maybe some elastic instead of a slithery drawstring, ya think?

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leilani said...

Oh my Dear! That surely matches, even perhaps beats, my long-ago dropped-pants episode.

My first pregnancy. Too broke to buy real maternity underwear to fit my ever expanding middle. On my way to my OB/Gyn in downtown Seattle for a checkup and the overstressed elastic on my panties finally gave up. I felt them slide down my thighs. (Wearing a very cute maternity dress, BTW.) I locked my knees and froze. People passing around me on the sidewalk were glancing at me and I knew I had to do SOMETHING! So, I sidled over to the nearest parking meter (still with knees locked, held on to the parking meter with one hand while I unlocked my knees and let the panties drop to my ankles. I then bent down and retrieved them, stuffed them in my purse and kept right on walking. Never made eye contact with anyone figuring if I didn't see them, they hadn't seen me either.

I think I will burst out laughing often today envisioning you. How classy you are -- laughing at your own dilemma! Wish I had been there.