Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A work in progress

It seemed like a simple enough idea to lay some pavers next to my new rosebushes on the edge of the new veggie garden. And so it was until the resident engineer stepped up to suggest improvements. Bags of sand and gravel and a quantity of lumber needed to be purchased, and then of course the soil must be removed to put in a frame. So while I thought it was straight and level, it did not pass inspection. We are the proud owners of a used jackhammer from Home Depot rental store, and have purchased a shovel attachment for it. So Sunday it all came out of the garage, got assembled, and I got instruction and started to remove more earth. That thing is fast, it's heavy, and the shovel does not, thankfully, cut the extension cord, just dirt (don't ask). I can only use it as a digger, not an actual shovel due to the weight. I'm probably about half way there, and the path needs to be more level, but I can see it happening. Monday my hands hurt so badly I needed both naproxin AND aspercreme. Today is better, we are down to just naproxin. Can you see the rosebud on the new bush? It's going to be nice. But this may be the last walk I excavate.

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lei said...

Your gardening energy leaves me speechless except to say, where was that brawny resident engineer when all this heavy duty work was being accomplished?