Monday, January 26, 2009

what a lovely weekend it was, except . . .

It rained much of the weekend, and we need RAIN! What a nice excuse to stay indoors and knit and sew and cook. I walked to our itty-bitty farmer's market and bought lovely flowers, beets etc. and a large hunk of salmon. My friends came over and I knitted about 4 inches on the rose shrug and we chatted and ate the most lovely artichoke hummus from the market. I then ate the WHOLE piece of salmon, finished off the open bottles of wine, and the cats and I piled up on the bed.

Sunday, I looked at the jacket that needed buttonholes, and decided I needed thread for them. No matter, I took out the skirt pattern and up-sized the skirt - hey, it was from 20 years ago or more - and cut out the lining. I shall stitch up the lining as a "muslin" to check the fit before I cut into the beautiful hand-loomed wool left from the jacket. Note to self to purchase zipper.

The hem had come un-glued again from the washable leather skirt, so I got out my damp press cloth and stitch witchery and ironed up the hem. DAMN! I scorched the leather, even with a press cloth. I know I have done this before. Well, @#$@#! I shall have to cut off the bottom and stitch it up shorter. I love this skirt, I really do, and it was a nice mid-calf length. So, I shall be the proud owner of a beat-up knee length skirt. Whatever. But I shall SEW the hem, not glue it as it was manufactured.

I had lovely veggie soup, with sweet tender beet greens and beans and a carrot from the garden, with a lovely glass or two of a great zin, more knitting, more TV, and I fell asleep before the movie on TV I planned to watch. Such a nice weekend.

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