Thursday, January 15, 2009

A truly gut-wrenching story

This is tragic, so you are excused from reading this if you wish. My parents moved to a small town in Central Illinois over 20 years ago, so of course my mother had to find a new hairdresser. Gail has an extension onto her house, and mother has been going to her all these years. I would go to her too, when I visited, small-town haircuts being cheaper than city ones. We watched the kids grow up, trooping in and out of the beauty shop, they rode with Dad in the main street parades, the boy began having babies and then they married a couple of years ago. The kid never finished much of anything, never held a steady job, got in some trouble. The young wife went to school and worked part time, and the kid watched the 3 children, none of them in first grade. A couple of days before New Year's eve, cops showed up at the door. Gail's son ran to a bedroom, closed the door, and shot himself. He leaves a young wife and 3 youngsters. The only redemption is that some of his organs could be harvested. My heart breaks for Gail. Send prayers and thoughts to her and the widow. Oh, my.

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