Thursday, August 28, 2008

A day in the life of a Sherpa

I french-braided my hair and dressed for success (no zorries, shorts or tee-shirts), put my baby power and some ice in the car and hauled back through Sacramento to AggieLand. I always love working the universities, but in record-breaking temps in the Central Valley, I was cool about the idea today. In the morning, I managed to serpentine among the shade of the trees. I found a few crows, a flock of plump Guinea hens with impossibly small heads, and a family of half-grown jackrabbits, all in the shade as well. In the afternoon, I went over to the new biomed buildings, with nary a tree taller than me in sight. Parked in the visitor's space, which is to say a quarter mile from the building. Hauled two boxes of paper and a carton of freebies on my wheelies over the scorching asphalt and into the cool of the building. Set up, gave away the freebies in exchange for names, toured a lab and met a few more people, packed up the paper and haul it back across the even hotter parking lot. Baby powder to the rescue. Too hot to find a restaurant - off to the grocery store to buy salad stuff and watch the convention in bed.

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elinorina said...

I was sweating just reading this! Your evocative prose was wonderful... Glad you're back in the Bay Area, hmmm?