Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cruising around the Central Valley

Hot, pale blue sky overhead, hot wind hitting the car, I followed a truck heading east that was loaded with three sizes of blue pipes on the bottom - large ones on the left, and two smaller sizes alternating on the right, with a different arrangement of 3 other sizes of green pipes on the top. Neat rectangles of neat honeycombs. It would have made a nice polka dot print. Polka dots make me happy, so I drafted on the truck for awhile.

After a few calls, I dropped by our factory in Folsom to glad-hand, then turned out and headed north. I drove along the RR tracks and past a vast lot of RVs being liquidated (good luck with that). I turned onto a charming block of historic Folsom Sutter street, with shops with wooden porches of all kinds on both sides of the street. Everything was a different height, like very old buildings in Europe have different door heights and sizes. I wished I had time to go sit on one of the porches. There is a roundhouse, the old train station that proclaimed the Wells Fargo line terminated there, an old power building in the Sacramento River, and three bridges of increasing sophistication and tonnage fanned out over the curve of the river. I quite like Folsum - you can see the foothills and the terrain is pleasantly rolling. Time to grab a couple of Science's for company and forage for dinner.

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