Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ettiquete for a Scientific Meeting

Just my private rant about public behavior:

For most of you, thanks for your interest and friendliness as you walked past my booth and poster. It really makes me enjoy being here. However

Watching you teeter on your spike heels makes my back hurt.

Turning your badge over so I can't see your company name is tacky. Hey, it's a small meeting and I've already figured out where you work.

Spell out the title to your presentation in plain English. I am not here to translate your alphabet soup.

The stone in the stud in your nose should match the sparklies on the back of your jeans.

If you are President and want to bring your St. Bernard onto the show floor, it's OK with me.

If you are Dr. Big Professor who was on my organizing committee for 5 years at the last company, it's tacky to look through me as if you don't recognize me.

If you are Dr. Big Pharmaceutical who tried to stiff my company with the hotel bill in Chile, yes, I still remember.

And finally, don't hunker down on the floor under your poster and immerse yourself in your computer. It makes your butt-crack show, and inquiring minds DON'T want to know about your hairy back. Not to mention being rude to your readers. Euwww.

1 comment:

LouLou! said...

Oh my, the visuals...and you know how I simply must have a visual to get it. Don't corporate events just bring out the worst in most people?

On a positive note, just rest assured that Ms. Wore Spike Heels probably has bunyons like nobody's business and if wearing them is going to score her someone like "Mr. I Can Make My Former Committee Members Invisible" - well.....just picture THEM in the sack. Ewwwwww.

Hopefully, there is a big glass of something waiting for you at the end of the dog and pony show.