Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A garden is truly a living organism

It's mid August here in northern California.  Already my liquid amber sweet gum is tinged with rose.  I supposed it was just dry, and soaked it the other week, but it continues to turn.  My veggie garden was pristine and green the end of July and now lots of brown leaves, chard with black bugs, and grass setting seed is evident.  With a sigh I went out this morning, cleared two carts of garden debris, and started to turn over the earth for my winter garden.  I dug a dishpan of carrots, a couple humongous, and a bunch of fingerlings and itty-bitties.   I was not quite ready for summer to end, but life moves on.  The last of the tomatoes is always a rude shock. 

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KC said...

Great to see you again! I would sympathize with your melancholy over the end of summer, but September is always the hottest month in Los Angeles so I can't let my guard down. Be well!