Wednesday, August 8, 2012

about those safety door latches on hotel doors

You know, those things that are supposed to catch the door from being opened.  My normal hotel was booked, so I was staying at a Best Western I have not used before.  I was laying on the bed completely immersed in a book.  Still dressed, thank heavens.  There was a sound at the door, then the door opened and the latch caught it from coming open into the room.  I shrieked, and the door hastily closed.  In a bit I peeked out the curtain to see a man looking back at me.  Poor guys were probably (almost) as freaked out as I was.  Stupid clerk gave them room keys to 236, since she recorded that I was in 238.  Well, I wasn't in 238, was I?  Hrumph. 

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