Monday, July 16, 2012

One of life's obvious lessons (doh!)

My old balance ball bit the dust a few months ago.  I got a new one.  I like to sit on the ball during teleconferences and doing other office tasks.  While I can't sit on it all day - I get too stiff - it makes me feel just a teensy bit better about sitting all day.  So Kitty Guy was on my lap getting rubbed and purring, then something spooked him and BAM!  He was off like a shot.  Not only did he take several bits of my leg with him (nice bruise) but he shot himself off the side of the ball in several. places.  OK, buy a box of bike patches  Blow the ball back up, covering the holes with scotch tape.  Put on 6 patches.  Blow the ball up a little fuller.  Looked good, held the air overnight.  Sat on it awhile.  Got up for tea.  Came back to find my new ball all flabby and shriveled.

Note to self:  one should not hold cats, particularly skittish cats, while sitting on a balance ball.

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