Wednesday, November 9, 2011

one more thing - who knew?

We only have two seasons in California.  The rainy season has started.  Now that I don't get a new car from the job each year, my three-year-old windshield wipers were squeaking with the first rain of the season.  Glen told me to go to CostCo and get new ones there.  He taught me how to remove one and told me to take it inside the store.  I did, managed to determine which one to buy, and walked out with 4 of them in big plastic tubes.  The next morning we went out with the 19" wiper blade to determine if it was in fact a correct one for our Fusions.  Glen said Look!  It's too short!  I said No Way!

Turns out the wiper on the driver's side is 24" and the wiper on the passenger side (the one I took inside the store) is 19".  What's up with that?!

Back to CostCo.

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