Tuesday, August 30, 2011

dagger bead bracelet

Some years ago I saw a magnificent necklace made with dagger bead crochet.  I tried to learn bead crochet, but was unsuccessful with anything smaller than pony beads.  Then I saw a patttern in Bead and Button magazine with peyote stitch.  This I can do.  The photo is not as gorgeous as the bracelet, but it was so much fun to make and wear.  I have a meeting in Prague this November.  The bead factory, Presiosa Ornel in nothern Bohemia, in that famous valley for Czech bead making is just a bus ride away.  Yay!  Roadtrip! 

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Works From The Attic by Linda said...

Your bracelet is beautiful. I am looking for the beads for that bracelet pattern and forgot what size daggers I need and came across your blog when trying to do a search for the info. I'm glad I did.
Have a safe and happy trip!