Saturday, June 4, 2011

kitty warmer

I had a little shoulder repair on Thursday.  If I sit VERY still with a cold pak, there is no pain.   Fortunately, I have a kitty warmer.  He has been enthusiastically guarding this new-found piece of real estate.  I normally sit at a desk chair during the day, and this lap is clearly superior to the less-recumbent thighs he usually has to resort to perch upon, and only when I am not too busy to try to type around him at that. 

It is raining a surprising amount for June in California.  My garden is ecstatic, and growing like Jack's beanstalk.  I have picked a good weekend to veg out in the chair.


KC said...

I hope your shoulder feels better soon, even if it will disappoint the cat.

leilani said...

Some kitties take their nursing duties most seriously. How lucky you are.

Yesterday I found Maddie snuggled up to me even more comforting than the ice pack on my back.

Nothing like it -- kitty TLC!

Take care my dear.

Kat said...

Nothing like a nice kitty to warm you up and help you mend.