Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tis still the season

Last Christmas was the season to replace the electronics in the living room. It has been a Big Project, entailing much shopping, new cabinet to hold them, and on (and on and on). The last remaining project (aside from the time payments, no interest please) is to hang the speakers on the wall. This started last spring by placing the speakers on 4 x 4 boards and getting electronic testing equipment to ascertain the most correct placement. Shortly after, I had dinner for my friends, and was peppered with concern that there might be structural damage in my living room. There is still much to ponder, so no, the speakers haven't made it to the wall yet. Well, friends, we again had dinner this week to celebrate my Mom's arrival. There was much admiration of the beautiful Douglass fir and the festive decorations. But wait, one friend said, we aren't finished here. There is one more touch needed.
Do you really think he hasn't noticed???


Laura said...

Did he have anything to say about it? :)

Laura said...

And what did he have to say about it? :)

Wearinbeads said...

Yes, he did admit he noticed and was amused. Hee!