Monday, December 14, 2009

Life's just a bowl of cherries

I hopped a plane to San Diego last week, and from the security area there is a long hall with people-movers down to the vast departure area that belongs to United. Along this hall United usually has exhibits such as dishes, hand-painted tiles, or typewriters. I'm always early enough to be able to walk through and look at the displays, and it is always a treat. Last week it was slot machines. Unfortunately they are in the plastic display cases United uses, so I could not run my hand along the steel cases, but I had seen all but two pass through the Victorian Casino Antiques Auctions we attend. Go here to check out a few of the machines shown at the exhibit:

I wish I had floor space for one of the triples. I have a Little Duke, unfortunately, the side vendor didn't make it to my dining room.

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leilani said...

I love the little Guessing Bank. Now I would find room for that in my living room if I had it. Couldn't afford it, probably. So, I'll enjoy looking at yours.