Monday, April 27, 2009

love at first sip

About a month ago we went to a chocolate tasting in the City. Amazing how soon you can get saturated with chocolate - if you ever do one, be sure to take water. It was fun, I was glad I went once and would likely not go again. There are indeed chocolates I did not care for, very perfumy ones that assault your nose before you can even get it to your mouth. But I digress.

One table was giving little sips of chocolate martini. We hit the liquor store last weekend and purchased a bottle of Vincent Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate flavored vodka. I have no use for vodka as a rule - why waste vodka when I can drink gin? But this, ah, this is nectar. Not a sugary liquor, it makes a sublime martini. So when it was time for a fancy drink before Sunday dinner, we whipped two up. I haven't been this in love with a drink since I first tasted Blue Sapphire gin, which remains my favorite. I'm not the only one who liked this, as there were 15 or 20 pages when we did a recipe search. Ummmmmm . . . Too bad Sunday is only once a week.

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