Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring has sprung and other minutae

The trees are spectacularly beautiful again, as they always are. You will note they are not yet pruned, which is normal for this yard, as the man has to handle the pruner and we have to wait until he has been appropriately motivated. It has not been a good week although it should have been. Last weekend we went to Sonoma and drank wine. I finally bought a new serger, and took a playday mid-week to set it up, and of course, buy more fabric. My review this week was the best in years; I still have the new boss fooled that I can walk on water with only my feet getting wet. However, there is no money for raises, and I (and some 30 of my close colleagues and probably way more than that) am pissed. 300 shares of Agilent stock, which has not gone up in price and is indeed drifting down again, is not compensation for a year of knocking my socks off and not making the commission because the product line is under quota. There, I have had my public pout, I shall go finish in the lab until I have to come back tomorrow (Saturday) and I shall go home and stand in the yard and admire my trees. I just need to get my head straight again.

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LouLou! said...

Is that your house in the background or is your house in the foreground, out of view? Inquiring minds want to know.